Jeanne Joannie Fogue Mgamgne

Joannie Fogue is a dedicated advocate for women and youth, devoting her efforts to promoting the fight against violence, gender equality, sexual education, and mental health through political work, advocacy actions, and community building. She recently graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Political Science and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Political Management at Carleton University.Joannie has over 5 years of executive leadership experience in advocacy. She served as the 2021-2023 president of AUFSJ and was elected Vice-President of Student Life at the University of Alberta Students’ Union the following year, leading all non-academic advocacy efforts while representing the concerns of over 32,000 students. She now serves on the Youth Council of the Mental Health Commission of Canada.Driven by her commitment to service and community building, Joannie founded the non-profit Sekapa Foundation, dedicated to promoting social equity for women and children in her home country, Cameroon. She recently completed a certification in social entrepreneurship and secured funding to initiate projects aimed at creating a platform for young francophones of African origin, focusing on research, rights advocacy, and leadership.