Kaydeen Wright

Kaydeen Wright is a seasoned educator with teaching experience in both Jamaica and Japan. She hails from the vibrant city of Montego Bay in Jamaica. Kaydeen also holds a graduate degree in Educational Policy Studies, specializing in Social Justice and International Studies from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. Kaydeen is currently working in the field of Healthcare Technology.

Kaydeen’s focus is on ‘the key’ to the liberation of Black female image, which can be seen in her poetry collection ‘Black Girl-ing.

Also, Kaydeen has been honing her craft as a poet and writer since the age of 14 years of old. She passionately understands the transformative power that poetry holds, and how it can elevate the mundane to the sublime.

Kaydeen recognizes poetry as a vehicle for expression, escapism, and establishing a sense of order in her life. She thrives on the adventurous spirit of exploration and traversing the less-traveled paths in life.