Anisa Mugtaar

Anisa Mugtaar is the visionary founder and CEO of Desserts by Liyaah, a renowned artisanal bakery specializing in exquisite desserts. With a passion for baking ignited from childhood, Liyaah embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2020 to blend creativity with culinary excellence.

Born and raised in a family where baking was a cherished tradition, Liyaah honed her skills through self-teaching and hands on experiences. Her commitment to using only the finest ingredients and crafting each dessert with meticulous attention to detail has set Desserts by Liyaah apart. Anisa finds joy in outdoor activities with her family, exploring new restaurants with loved ones, experimenting with cooking and baking all types of cuisines, as well as traveling to learn about diverse cultures. Follow Anisa’s Dessert page for all the exciting bakes and events she participates in.