Adeola Bankole

Adeola, a seasoned professional with over a decade of dedicated service in the realms of internal audit and compliance, has gracefully transitioned her expertise from the banking sector to the public service. Her journey reflects a decade marked by unwavering commitment, professionalism, and a pursuit of excellence. Currently serving as a Senior Quality, Program, and Assurance Officer within the public service, Adeola navigates the intricacies of her role with a courteous demeanor, maintaining stellar working relationships both within and outside her department.

Beyond her corporate endeavours, Adeola is the visionary founder of Deola‚Äôs Delights, a flourishing baking business that specializes in crafting exquisite wedding cakes, celebration cakes, delectable cupcakes, pastries, and offers a sophisticated table styling service. Her entrepreneurial spirit has not only sweetened celebrations but has also added a touch of elegance to events through meticulous attention to detail. Deola’s Delights has become synonymous with elegance and taste as she successfully orchestrates the creation, design, and execution of delectable delights that leave a lasting impression on clients.

Beyond the boardroom and the bakery, Adeola finds solace in the harmonious world of music during her leisure moments. Her multifaceted pursuits encapsulate a life dedicated to excellence, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of passion in both the professional and personal spheres.